Periodic images from camera

This article shows how to set IP (network) camera to send images to CAMTAPE periodically. Settings will be demonstrated on camera AXIS M1011.

Basic settings for all cameras consists of 2 steps:

  1. Create CAMTAPE account where the camera will send images to. This step is the same for all cameras.

  2. Set your camera to send media to account created in previous step.

1. Create account for your IP camera

To create new camera account click on “Add camera” after you log in to CAMTAPE

Add new camera

Choose username and password for your camera and press “Register new camera”. CAMTAPE is ready to receive images from your camera.

Register camera

2. Set camera to send images to CAMTAPE

Settings is demonstrated on camera AXIS M1011. Images will be sent by FTP to server “” and account created in previous step.

Add new server in camera settings.

Destination server for camera images

Fill username and password created in step 1.

Credentials of camera account

Camera knows where to send images to.

Now we set what and when camera has to send.

Create new periodical event.

Make scheduled event

Send images each minute via FTP.

Send images every minute

Camera sends images to CAMTAPE from now. Each camera can store 10 images for free. Additional space can be bought from CAMTAPE.

  • Plans
  • Basic
  • History of 10 images
  • Free
  • Plus
  • History of 8000+ images
  • Customizable style
  • Additional image info
  • Share images
  • From 100 CZK / month