Pictures with motion in front of camera

Let your camera store images when something happens in front of this camera. You get more valuable and funny device and save time when browsing camera images history.

This article guides you through setting camera with infrared motion detector (PIR). Only images with motion will be transmitted. We add periodic image for “current view”.

Motion detection

Nearly all IP cameras can detect motion “in picture”. This detection is reliable when moving objects are rather big, at least 20% if whole image. When we want to detect small objects, the detection method will be sensitive to noise.

When in picture motion detection is unreliable, several cameras allow to connect external PIR sensor. PIR sensors are commonly used in security systems. PIR sensor has to cover the same area as camera do. PIR should not be installed near to heat source and draft.

Suitable PIR detectors, that can be connected to IP camera switch off relay, when they detect motion. PIR relay is connected to camera’s digital input. Camera setting will be demonstrated on Vivotek IP7330 with external PIR sensor.

Connect PIR’s alarm output (relay) to camera’s digital input and GND. Polarity doesn’t matter.

PIR connection to camera

Before we continue to set camera, we need to switch to advanced configuration mode.

Camera settings advanced mode

PIR sensors for security systems are switched on by default. They switch off, when they detect motion. So when somebody removes the sensor, causes alarm too. This behavior is set in camera configuration on page "System", section "Digital input". Set active state "High".

PIR active state

Number of pictures sent after detection

Camera frame rate defines how frequent camera takes snapshot and stores it to it’s internal memory to send them lately. Reasonable frame rate is 1 or 2 images per second, but it depends on scene watches to. So set frame rate on page "Video" to 2 images per second, or another value depending on expected motion speed.

Set frame rate

Camera settings with motion detector

Camera setting consists of 3 steps:

  1. Set images destination.

  2. Set number of images sent when motion is detected.

  3. Create event, when PIR detector detect motion.

Create new event on "Application" site by clicking "Add" button in "Event settings" part.

Create new event

First, add images destination server by clicking "Add Server" button.

Add new server

Set camera to send images to CAMTAPE account you created. Creating CAMTAPE account is described in previous article Periodic images from camera.

Send images to CAMTAPE

"Application" page is refreshed after clicking "Close" button.

Set number of images transferred to CAMTAPE after motion is detected. Click on "Add media" in "Action" section.

New server added

When motion is detected, camera send image from detection time and 4 following images.

Send 5 images

Now, we can finish event that send images, when motion is detected.

  • Name the event.

  • Enable the event.

  • Set next detection timeout to 5 minutes, or less.

  • Set event trigger by digital input - external PIR.

  • User IR light in poor light conditions.

  • Assign images destination and number of images.

Set triggered by PIR

Event sending images, when motion is detected is finished.

Event sending images with motion finished

Current image

When there is no motion in front of the camera, no images are sent. Recent image is handy to check “situation” and ensure whether camera is working. CAMTAPE can accept image with special name that is not stored into history. This image is rewritten when new “current” image is received. Current image is the newest image in images history.

Set "Current image" to “current_image” in CAMTAPE camera’s settings. All images containing “current_image” in it’s name will be understood as current image.

Set current image name in CAMTAPE

Add new media setting for current image on "Application" page in camera settings.

Add new media for current image

Camera will send single image with "current_image" in it’s file name.

Set current image file name

Add new event in "Event settings", that will send periodical image.

Add new event to send periodical image

Set event, that will send periodical image to already defined CAMTAPE account

Event sending current image

That’s all.

Events sending motion and periodical image
  • Plans
  • Basic
  • History of 10 images
  • Free
  • Plus
  • History of 8000+ images
  • Customizable style
  • Additional image info
  • Share images
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