Camera name
Username * Choose FTP, email and HTTP username.
  • Set your camera to send data to FTP: Username and password you have chosen.
  • Or email:
  • Or HTTP: Username and password you have chosen.
Password * Account password.
Limit FTP / HTTP / UDP source IP address Do not accept images via FTP / HTTP from other IP address than stated. Leave blank to accept images from any IP address.
Email from must match Do not accept images via email that source email address does not match expression. Leave blank to accept images from any email address. Regular expression can be used.
Deny images from email Deny receiving images via email. Recommended for security reson.
Image filename must match Do not accept images that filename does not match expression. Leave blank to accept images of any filename. Regular expression can be used.
Alert me if no camera activity in last minutes Watchdog function sends you a messge when CAMTAPE did not receive any image in last minutes. Useful when camera lost power, internet connection or is stolen. Minimum is 10 minutes.
Send alert to another email Watchdog email is sent to your email by default. You can state another email to receive watchdog, for example your camera administrator.
Current image Enter name of image sent by camera that is assumed to be a "current image".
If your camera sends images with detected motion only, you may also wish to send a single periodical image "current image". For example every 5 minutes. This image will be displayed as the first image. Next "current image" replaces previos one.
Current image copy Copy "current image" periodically to history every x minutes.
Generated ID regenerate KSTWDSSS Generated ID is a secret identifier to identify data sended to this camera. Currently it is used to identify data from GIOM 3000 weather station. Data is shown as dynamic text. Set GIOM 3000 device name to KSTWDSSS and sent UDP packet to, port 4510.
Distinct limit days Maximal days distinct image is active as ethalon.
Useful to find distinct images every several days.
New incoming images are not compared against expired ethalons. Expired ethalons remain marked until they are deleted.

Media accesibility Public
Private camera images are accesible to owner a and invited viewers only.
Images of public camera can be published by following links.
To access latest image insert into your web site. p0 is the newest image, p1 older, ...
To access latest report, use:
To access camera gallery, use:
Text info Text will appear near images uploaded by camera. Can be used for advertisement.
Allow dynamic text Dynamic text contain actual informations. It can be uploaded by http request:
Store images at most days Some countries limit storing images of public places by law. This option forces CAMTAPE to delete older images.
Show weather widget Weather widget shows data uploaded by weather station. Currently supported weather station is GIOM 3000 uploading via UDP. CAMTAPE stores 2 day weather history. The weather widget is shown under main picture It is highly recommended to to send data from GIOM 3000 in longer intervals (approximatelly 10 minutes) to allow GIOM 300 to smooth data.
* required


You can share camera images with other users. Viewer can see your camera images and gallery, but cannot edit and view camera settings.
Email Add CAMTAPE user email. If an email is nor registered yet, new account will be created.
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